Secret Basement.... but mistakes were made. | Ep. 8 | Minecraft X Life SMP

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Ayhden Sutton
Ayhden Sutton 4 soat oldin
Your library is not hidden theirs glass to show it
Marichatfan 123
Marichatfan 123 Kun oldin
What I think about your "foolish" death is that you lasted a lot longer than I would have.
Anna Mejia
Anna Mejia 2 kun oldin
um, is anyone else gettin colorblind vibes cus those walls were yellow not green
Febie Grace Allaga
Febie Grace Allaga 2 kun oldin
Twilight be like hm.... what how to do this
Sine Fakude
Sine Fakude 3 kun oldin
Haha 😄 🤣
Nicole Cominski
Nicole Cominski 3 kun oldin
So true
Audrey Konson
Audrey Konson 3 kun oldin
Joe Kwasniewski
Joe Kwasniewski 3 kun oldin
Omg omg 😲 😍 I love your channel
Neil Yang
Neil Yang 4 kun oldin
Omg you died o and my friends are coming to day YAAY
GoldFoxy Jammer
GoldFoxy Jammer 4 kun oldin
Silence Its hot in here. . . .
Rylee Reich
Rylee Reich 6 kun oldin
Probably a creeper or cave noise
mimis gallos
mimis gallos 6 kun oldin
12:25 foolish? **starts shift dancing** (if ykyk)
Indie Tab
Indie Tab 7 kun oldin
If I joined your server I'd die even worse
《 Alex's Channel 》
《 Alex's Channel 》 8 kun oldin
Not only do i not have minecraft i dont have this house
Emma Lunn
Emma Lunn 8 kun oldin
Why yellow?
Wolfy 9 kun oldin
Why couldn’t she use the warp scrolls
andrea blair
andrea blair 10 kun oldin
Keara Fuller
Keara Fuller 10 kun oldin
Lizzie, you are the best, most angelic UZpostr of all time! ❤️❤️❤️😍
*RandomPerson* 12 kun oldin
5:40 5:50 😂 6:57 🤣
Kiu W
Kiu W 13 kun oldin
I’m not trying to be rude but Lizzie was a bit dumb when she got bungee stuck couldn’t she have use her warp scroll and teleport home like am I right
Bubbles Delotavo
Bubbles Delotavo 13 kun oldin
I really love da spoooooky basement!!🤗🤗
Lsp9923 13 kun oldin
Hey Lizzie I started a UZpost channel I wanted to see if u would um...sub? I love ur UZpost channel soooo much I’ve been watching u since call of duty and horror games🤨😟😖
Karlie Offergeld
Karlie Offergeld 14 kun oldin
She walks into the nether.”Everything will be fine!” Lava stick things pick her up. “EvERy ThiNG iS noT FInE!”
•blueberry• 14 kun oldin
You could of used the warp scroll to get out of there
Embryo Reigns
Embryo Reigns 15 kun oldin
Lizzie, you should've used a warp scroll when you were trapped with the lava things.
stefan simonyi
stefan simonyi 16 kun oldin
Love ur vids
stefan simonyi
stefan simonyi 16 kun oldin
t r
t r 16 kun oldin
Kiu W
Kiu W 16 kun oldin
Remember when Lizzie said she wanted to make a little mini mob farm filled with different mobs would it be cruel to steal some properly for maybe you could shut the camera off for a few minutes and take some with that be okay to The person to the shop without knowing?
Meredith Hanoian
Meredith Hanoian 17 kun oldin
Anyone else realize that when it says "Twelve Seconds Later" the backround looks just like the wall she did for the secret basement.
Grace Considine
Grace Considine 17 kun oldin
i no no
Eli Achit-Erdene
Eli Achit-Erdene 18 kun oldin
my cousin mason cheated death by an inch
hOt bAnAnA
hOt bAnAnA 18 kun oldin
You are hiding them away from people because you secretly have the things they need but you don’t want to give it to them
Crystal Diaz
Crystal Diaz 18 kun oldin
Isabella Zhang
Isabella Zhang 19 kun oldin
What are those red lights bouncing you??? I have no idea! I think it looks like lasers, actually!
Isabella Zhang
Isabella Zhang 19 kun oldin
I love the basement!!!
Craig Glasco
Craig Glasco 19 kun oldin
Tell Scott I'm very sorry sorry 😳 ldshadowlady please do
Pluto_STAR 19 kun oldin
She should of put jacks will in here
Cody Dibble
Cody Dibble 19 kun oldin
Name a panda 🐼🐼🐼🐼 loveheart
Liyana Chowdhury
Liyana Chowdhury 19 kun oldin
Omg I can’t guys to watch this part 5:50 I CANT 😭😭💕
K Silvestro
K Silvestro 19 kun oldin
Lizzie out of context- Hopefully this will make there wool grow faster
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 20 kun oldin
I do not now ay I did 123456
Aileen Sabanal
Aileen Sabanal 21 kun oldin
Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire 22 kun oldin
I hate how the comments are up the top cause they spoil so much ughh
Claire Chavez
Claire Chavez 22 kun oldin
My sister have a stitch Squishy thing and my pupit it wach me slee0
Boba Tea
Boba Tea 22 kun oldin
Dark Thought Time The rug themed like a Wandering Trader is actually the robe of a Wandering Trader Lizzie murdered
Itz Rookie Cookie
Itz Rookie Cookie 23 kun oldin
If it was a sin for no stitch. . .THERE WAS NO STITCH BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did a SIN
Ebony Buchanan
Ebony Buchanan 23 kun oldin
Lizzie you should steal some more
We love Stuff
We love Stuff 24 kun oldin
Hi. Your cool
Delilah Miller
Delilah Miller 25 kun oldin
I love how the basement turned out😍😍😍
jeffrey fisher
jeffrey fisher 25 kun oldin
I love how you made the basement! :) -when it said one enternity later.-
Tao Duong-Mingboupha
Tao Duong-Mingboupha 25 kun oldin
You could have teleported home -.-
GreenQueen0009 Gamer
GreenQueen0009 Gamer 25 kun oldin
Who else is rewatching the whole X-life series while waiting for Lizzie to post again ?
KAITLYN JOHN 26 kun oldin
Well, Bubble Elevator ruined Minecraft for her twice. Club-less Lizzie
Evie Ellis
Evie Ellis 26 kun oldin
I'm Royalty
• ғʟᴜғғʏ.ᴘᴜғғ •
• ғʟᴜғғʏ.ᴘᴜғғ • 26 kun oldin
what game is this and can u play it on ios
Coco Hung
Coco Hung 28 kun oldin
me thinking about hose warp scrolls.....
Julia Richardson
Julia Richardson 28 kun oldin
Couldn't of you used a wrap scroll then you would of lived ?? / sorry if its that is worded weird i didn't know how to word it right lol
Seth Gordon
Seth Gordon 28 kun oldin
As soon as the error screen my phone said “20 percent” 😂🤣😂
Onko 28 kun oldin
Never thought I'd see a hell hound on a mod
•Brownie Pup•
•Brownie Pup• 29 kun oldin
You: Secret Area in our basement! :) 2,8 milion people that saw this: 👁️👄👁️💧
Gacha noob lemonade
Gacha noob lemonade Oy oldin
Is it just me, or is the little mob farm adorable 🥺😆
Lexie Althea Nicolas
Lexie Althea Nicolas Oy oldin
Lizzie died in nether she can use her warpscorls to teleport to go home
Amethyst Chinburg
Amethyst Chinburg Oy oldin
i just realized something....SHE COULD OF WARP SCROLLED OUT OF THE NETHER!!!
VVB Oy oldin
Is she color blind or am I color blind because the block she put down was yellow then the second block that she placed was green ( in her sheep farm )
KK and George
KK and George Oy oldin
It is so sweet how even tho no one else is there at the shops, she still pays the dimonds .
Elsa Mc
Elsa Mc Oy oldin
What does ld stand for
Jessica Groves
Jessica Groves Oy oldin
Rozzles Oy oldin
Joel did a GREAT job saving you! ☺️
Angel Sullivan
Angel Sullivan Oy oldin
couldnt lizzie just have used a warp scroll?
Dolly Llama
Dolly Llama Oy oldin
Me like what
Gabriella Oy oldin
Lizzie:It just keeps spawning them! Me:well of course it’s a SPAWNER! Lizzie:I wanted that spawner
Cezanne Gaines
Cezanne Gaines Oy oldin
Indigodye Oy oldin
Hello LD Shadowlady, I am a big fan and I don't know if you still check these or not, but I didn't know where to else to go to ask this. I love the energy that you and Joel put out and I love watching your vids repeatedly and I was taking a shot in the dark, that you might come across this. My name is indigodye, and I wanted to know if there is chance that I could use your voice to make a sound Alert? If there is a chance, you can find me on twitch (just an old small time streamer, you can use the aforementioned name). If there is a chance, I will make sure to send you the clip before I use it. Anyways thanks for making an old man smile so often, and I hope you have a lovely day.
Pinkie Pie Fan Mmmm
Pinkie Pie Fan Mmmm Oy oldin
Getfitfancypants Oy oldin
if your friends on x life watch your videos they would find you secret enchanting area😅 [i am a huge fan]🌺 [my name is brynnley]
Autumn DIY
Autumn DIY Oy oldin
can you lasso witches??? If so you should add one to your mob farm
Samantha Auer
Samantha Auer Oy oldin
You said green when it was yellow walls
Gaming on Roblox Ford
Gaming on Roblox Ford Oy oldin
When I build bace many’s I am bad at it
Adrienne Kinzel
Adrienne Kinzel Oy oldin
8:22 Someone needs to tell her that its yellow :/ ( r u colour blind?)
• Ava McIntosh •
• Ava McIntosh • Oy oldin
No one: The nether with mods: what should we add in the nether... how about skinny bones dogs llamas...
Koala_Queeen Oy oldin
Both Joel and Lizzie ended up dying trying to make bubble elevator
Koala_Queeen 25 kun oldin
@GreenQueen0009 Gamer rip nameless horse of kingdom craft u are missed
GreenQueen0009 Gamer
GreenQueen0009 Gamer 25 kun oldin
Don’t forget when Lizzie killed the nameless skeleton horse in KingdomCraft......Lizzie clearly didn’t learn from her mistake
emma agosito
emma agosito Oy oldin
What minecraft do you use i want download it
Syberwolfie Oy oldin
Minecraft Girl
Minecraft Girl Oy oldin
Couldent you have used a warp thing
Wonda Augustus
Wonda Augustus Oy oldin
The instinctive william visually reply because force aetiologically borrow versus a political calculator. absorbing, curved whip
Ogacc 30
Ogacc 30 Oy oldin
Yes a big sin to not have stich cause he's Cute
Maxine Johnson
Maxine Johnson Oy oldin
Can you make a rainbow room
mixie Oy oldin
Can someone tell me where 00:42 fanart comes from? I know its Punkabbles but I cant their account ;-;
The Legendary MonkeyDragon
The Legendary MonkeyDragon Oy oldin
👑 Omg, with that mob spawner thing, Lizzie is SUPER OP right now!!! 👑
Mirabelle Lee
Mirabelle Lee Oy oldin
now that i thnk of it, couldnt Lizzie have used the warp scrolls-?
ChasingFlavors Oy oldin
The Black Skeleton dog is a rare breed of hellhounds added by the "Pandora's Creatures" mod. They are slightly larger than regular hellhounds. The things that grabbed you whilst you were there are called Acidic Archvines. They can spawn underneath nether rack or jungle leaves, and their drops can be used to make a hat that will make you invisible to them. I know this is an old video but I feel like I should tell you anyways :) There are some creatures you did not encounter in this video as well
Evelyn Tarvin
Evelyn Tarvin Oy oldin
Me: YOU HAVE WARP SCROLLS U CAN TP Lizzie: Help me Joel! Joel: Ok hold on
Eclipse 12
Eclipse 12 Oy oldin
She is the best
hassan Sakhta
hassan Sakhta Oy oldin
The three perfume tellingly mix because rowboat interstingly mess up a a honorable postbox. black-and-white, one karen
Haikyuu Hinata
Haikyuu Hinata Oy oldin
Lizzie is know mikasa😏😂😂
Create Forever
Create Forever Oy oldin
Ok two mods I really really want is the online painting frame and the pollen bottle, I also really want the crafting tables
Mila Harling
Mila Harling Oy oldin
Lizzie: It's a skinny floating black dog Me: That description matches that of a hellhound.
sp00k Oy oldin
i actually adore you:) i remember when i would spend time at my friend's house, the second you uploaded we would drop what ever we were doing and watch it(*☻-☻*)
Zoey Robertson
Zoey Robertson Oy oldin
Lizzie are you okay that is unnatural to have that many MOBS
Sara Gill
Sara Gill Oy oldin
The I’m bungee stuck in the chat got me shook cause my brain went BUNGEE GUM
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