One Heart Clubhouse | Ep. 3 | Minecraft X Life SMP

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X Life is a modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Fluffing a Duck by Kevin MacLeod
The Show Must Be Go by Kevin MacLeod
Investigations by Kevin MacLeod
The Builder by Kevin MacLeod
Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod
The Descent by Kevin MacLeod
Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys by Kevin MacLeod
Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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Solidarity 11 oy oldin
We've got your room ready in the 2 heart clubhouse!! ;)
The Infinite Twins Show
The Infinite Twins Show 5 kun oldin
Solitary, thanks we’ll need it! 🤣😭😵
*Teal Bobba*
*Teal Bobba* 29 kun oldin
*- Amy-*
*- Amy-* Oy oldin
@LivyCat28 ya don’t see that every day
Blueberryy_ Coww
Blueberryy_ Coww Oy oldin
You know how to enters the one heart club!
abby ur fellow mcyt fan.
abby ur fellow mcyt fan. Oy oldin
@LivyCat28 yes
Cassie Leviston
Cassie Leviston 10 soat oldin
i’m looking
Katie Nolen
Katie Nolen Kun oldin
how do you get on X life?
Unicorn Believer
Unicorn Believer 5 kun oldin
omg Lizzy u didn't tell me THAT PAT WAS ON THE SEVER
The Infinite Twins Show
The Infinite Twins Show 5 kun oldin
Omg she’s so xtra
The Infinite Twins Show
The Infinite Twins Show 5 kun oldin
Oli: *joins* Also Oli: Oh look there’s a clubhouse made just for me! 🥳
Asja Suta
Asja Suta 6 kun oldin
I blame Joel for laguhing😑
ELSA Fernandes
ELSA Fernandes 7 kun oldin
Paislee Campbell
Paislee Campbell 7 kun oldin
Meow; ;-; Louise LOL
Meow; ;-; Louise LOL 7 kun oldin
Did you feed Daisy? She's gonna starve to death
FabienneDg 7 kun oldin
6:03 there was a spider and u missed it😀
luna kitty
luna kitty 10 kun oldin
Explore the baby
The Glizzy plant
The Glizzy plant 10 kun oldin
LDSdowLady: omg look at the likes likes:100K
The Glizzy plant
The Glizzy plant 10 kun oldin
And scared
The Glizzy plant
The Glizzy plant 10 kun oldin
It said and and ignorit please lizzie aka Elizabeth
The Glizzy plant
The Glizzy plant 10 kun oldin
Oh oh no
The Glizzy plant
The Glizzy plant 10 kun oldin
I see a green eyes and and creepy lizzie and I'm scared really scared
Ophelia :3
Ophelia :3 10 kun oldin
It's ridiculous, so it's perfect -Lizzie 2020
Zaara MIRZA-QIADATH 12 kun oldin
That thing that was looking at you was a nightmare I had and I’m not kidding
LIZZIE LAWRENCE 13 kun oldin
I love your new intro it is a amazing!sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeee😍🐈🐱
Rosa Vissers
Rosa Vissers 13 kun oldin
When solidarity’s comment gets more likes then lizzy’s comment... AND, WHY DID YOU STOP RECORDING VIDEOS?! 😿😿😿😿
Laura Lee
Laura Lee 14 kun oldin
Lose hearts 😂😂😂
Melissa Santos
Melissa Santos 15 kun oldin
Seapeekay did what again in LAVA I forgot that vid
• User Unrecognized •
• User Unrecognized • 16 kun oldin
“Unfortunately there’s something living under the clubhouse” Mikey’s taking his revenge
Mayantoc Central Elementary School
Mayantoc Central Elementary School 16 kun oldin
Can u name 1 cow lavender some kinda like flowers like the daisy one
Alani Batten
Alani Batten 16 kun oldin
Wow surviving almost 3 episodes with 1 heart! 👍👏😸🥳🤩 All hail queen Lizzie 👑
hamid Satti
hamid Satti 16 kun oldin
is it java edition
Amira The Cactus
Amira The Cactus 18 kun oldin
When you said one heart club I thought of The lonely heart club
Nina Phan
Nina Phan 18 kun oldin
1:50 Joel said it was on easy
Lillie 18 kun oldin
GURL when "something" was blinking at you there was a spider to the left!!
Gamer Man
Gamer Man 18 kun oldin
banhannah 19 kun oldin
Is Olli never making videos? I can remember olli was making his second lesson when Lizzie actually made her 17th
Xiaomeng Shen
Xiaomeng Shen 20 kun oldin
6:04 y'all just gonna ignore the spider RIGHT on the left
Raha Ebrahimi
Raha Ebrahimi 22 kun oldin
lets hope a baby spider doesn't spawn anywhere near her
isabelle funchaal
isabelle funchaal 23 kun oldin
i dont even know how to play in X life so i can see
Tiffany Teller
Tiffany Teller 23 kun oldin
When her name has shadow in it, but she LA-LOVES pink!🤷🏼‍♀️😁😜
671 GC
671 GC 26 kun oldin
When u saw those eyes thingy I said, "It seems like this is supernatural paranormal activity". Haha 😂 BTW loooooveee ur videos!!!!!.
Itz Rookie Cookie
Itz Rookie Cookie 27 kun oldin
Please can you not put scary music cause I think my house is haunted
*Teal Bobba*
*Teal Bobba* 29 kun oldin
"So let's make the button hiddin" And I'll tell you guys later" WELL...... No bc they could Just watch this and boom they know!
Diamond Wolf
Diamond Wolf Oy oldin
Um dose she not realize when she or another one heart club meber dies they will know where the button is and can still like enter I gess!?
Samantha Bazant
Samantha Bazant Oy oldin
can you mack i cute river at the clube home
Bella L.
Bella L. Oy oldin
how to remove ur cursor in minecraft
Faye Young
Faye Young Oy oldin
Love your UZpost channel
Sabbir Siddiqui
Sabbir Siddiqui Oy oldin
Yes 😥
Hi Hey
Hi Hey Oy oldin
Can y9u tell us the mod please
Alaine Thea Dulay
Alaine Thea Dulay Oy oldin
Me: *sees flowers* OMG I LOVE FLOWERS *A bit later* Me:eh
Kyrah Arzaga
Kyrah Arzaga Oy oldin
Meybe enni color of your heart has o club lizzie.
BunnyBuddy Forever
BunnyBuddy Forever Oy oldin
Just Think Of Every Other Series She Has Made
Saadiya Ikraam
Saadiya Ikraam Oy oldin
we all are basicly in in the one house club cuz humans got 1 heart also like if u are in 1021
Lewis Lew
Lewis Lew Oy oldin
Lizzie name your cow buttercup
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow Oy oldin
You should do a kawiicraft!
Kaylen Smith
Kaylen Smith Oy oldin
i think its a frog
• a i k o •
• a i k o • Oy oldin
Angela lenhert
Angela lenhert Oy oldin
proudly place a one- *axe breaks after she mined one block* okahehehey me: MINECRAFT GOT SOME DAD JOKES XDDDD
Keirah Zoe Amedo
Keirah Zoe Amedo Oy oldin
i think when you're killing spiders and you saw somthing blinking i think is the baby
lemontherat uwu
lemontherat uwu Oy oldin
Anyone else figure it out before she said?
Good Morning
•Hanak kun•
•Hanak kun• Oy oldin
seriously i'm feeling very bilingual because i have bad english and i understood everything
Brooklyn Oy oldin
Nightmare Does ark
Nightmare Does ark Oy oldin
Bruh this thing will be inhabited for the rest of the series after like ep 8
Samantha Auer
Samantha Auer Oy oldin
Do you have any cats? How many?
Vick Secret
Vick Secret Oy oldin
why did you scar me I am 7😣
Jersey Brandt
Jersey Brandt Oy oldin
I wonder what lizzie names her worlds beacause i name them something like pancake lover or goof fart.......🙌
Adelyn Crum
Adelyn Crum Oy oldin
10 months after the server was made Oli still doesnt join
Meli 1114azs
Meli 1114azs Oy oldin
yes I. Saw the grown eyes
Yael Humphrey
Yael Humphrey Oy oldin
You should’ve put lava you’re really funny and you probably won’t get discouraged if you do I want you to know that your videos make me super happy and excited and
• Ava McIntosh •
• Ava McIntosh • Oy oldin
We all know this series will end with a war.
Gluten Free Kitchen
Gluten Free Kitchen Oy oldin
Ariunjargal D
Ariunjargal D Oy oldin
How you download this mine craft or its mods
jMary Flor Yap-edar
jMary Flor Yap-edar Oy oldin
Yeah its so creepy
Miche inmechan
Miche inmechan Oy oldin
Your not my friend
Miche inmechan
Miche inmechan Oy oldin
I don't have your game
Joshua S
Joshua S Oy oldin
I am your biggest fan and also you’re going to play Lego Minecraft with me but does something funny Sam jungle be on the black and white some of them have different emotions and one of mine are brown one has a different jungle bear
Jonathan Castro
Jonathan Castro Oy oldin
The pro
Olteanu Ioan Mircea
Olteanu Ioan Mircea Oy oldin
That thing was a frog 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
lacey_gacha Oy oldin
Where do I get those mods!?
Sid Wak
Sid Wak Oy oldin
I don't no which one game is playing a oak block is pink colour
marcy domingo
marcy domingo Oy oldin
what was the green eyss
Old Newzz
Old Newzz Oy oldin
Lizzie: Oli Might Be The ONLY Member In The 1 Heart Club by then Me: Ahh the foreshadowing
CurlyB0I Oy oldin
Her name is Elizabeth
mibw lool
mibw lool Oy oldin
If Dream joined the X-Life server, h'ed be very lonely in the One Heart Clubhouse
Bitybit Grider
Bitybit Grider Oy oldin
You should make the one a window!
Molly HD
Molly HD Oy oldin
Congrats Lizzie is still alive!
Claire Riley
Claire Riley Oy oldin
Lizzie: * eating steak * A creeper: bonjour
Salty Syrup
Salty Syrup Oy oldin
2 water buckets in an crafting table makes an infanite water bucket
Selene Andriano
Selene Andriano Oy oldin
Can you make something so cool Try to bitch figure love diamonds 1,000,000 thousand diamonds Do that video cause I really want diamonds cause I've been minding for the whole day so please Can you give a dinosaur for me and And my name is iris And I'm in apartment apartment 5With yellow and Read And the 1 we
farjana akhter
farjana akhter Oy oldin
i think u like cats 🦄
Amber Pie
Amber Pie Oy oldin
In my brothers iPad Minecraft in his iPad
Linn Dreamdrake
Linn Dreamdrake Oy oldin
Please Please Please! How do I get ALL the mods you use? And the texure packs? !!
Sailas chan
Sailas chan Oy oldin
imagine lizzie dying while making the 1 heart club house...
Moath Hamza
Moath Hamza Oy oldin
The thing that was blinking was the wandiring trader he goes invisible in the night so no mobs kill him
Alina Gil
Alina Gil Oy oldin
Please!, Please!, PLEASE! Make an subscribers only mod!!!
Shelley Verkerk
Shelley Verkerk Oy oldin
The clubhouse is Canadian colors and im Canadian
Ediana Tumin
Ediana Tumin Oy oldin
How did you do the house i can do like your house🙃
Brooke Nobles
Brooke Nobles Oy oldin
Bro I watched this alone in the dark and her paranoia made me paranoid.😑
Kitty&Kat Oy oldin
Hello Lizzy
hailey muñoz
hailey muñoz Oy oldin
Hi I'm a big fan you should start making more Minecraft videos
Michelle Decker
Michelle Decker Oy oldin
She literally makes my day
Autumn DIY
Autumn DIY Oy oldin
I think I know what the eyes were... the babies back...
Autumn DIY
Autumn DIY Oy oldin
I think I know what the eyes were... the babies back...
Leana Mulder
Leana Mulder Oy oldin
i laugh so hard of how carvul you are whit you're 1 hart
he s your boy haji
he s your boy haji Oy oldin
Bliss Lee
Bliss Lee Oy oldin
I wish i could join dis sever
PhoPhiPop Slimes
PhoPhiPop Slimes Oy oldin
When she tries to pick up the water and places a bucket My face: 👁👄👁
꧁ m e i ꧂
꧁ m e i ꧂ Oy oldin
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