Nightmare Stables | Ep. 13 | Minecraft X Life SMP

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Journee Hernandez
Journee Hernandez 4 soat oldin
OK, so, if you EVER find another zombie horse, can you name it Asparagus please?
Marichatfan 123
Marichatfan 123 6 soat oldin
That was actually spot on for the pronunciation of butterfly in German. Good job!!!! Not many people can do that!!! German is hard.
Diego Baeza
Diego Baeza 9 soat oldin
Diego Baeza
Diego Baeza 9 soat oldin
Te amo mucho mi amor
Paul Ravilious
Paul Ravilious Kun oldin
Lizzie. Scott was created by evil. Catherine. Yup 😂😈💜 Scott. If you want me to be evil then feel my wraith 👻
jasonchee01 Kun oldin
Sharon Neece
Sharon Neece 2 kun oldin
(Spooky Scary Skeletons Acevement pops up) Me: Does anybody know the song Called "Spooky Scary skeletons" -Vibes To It-
Sharon Neece
Sharon Neece 2 kun oldin
If I Was In This Series, I Would Build You Some Floating Crystals Made out of Anything (Basically Glass, Concrete, Anything I Can Work with) User: LillianMilla (Msg Me If You want Me To Make you Some On Minecraft! Windows 10, MC, MCPE, Pocket, Or Bedrock,) (Btw The Minecraft Types I Mentioned are the same, But with Diffrent names, I looked It Up)
Tracy Britton
Tracy Britton 2 kun oldin
Lizzy: This is the Void Where bad things come from like Jeremyism and Scott, Me: lol she so right 😀
Soumya H Singh
Soumya H Singh 3 kun oldin
u forgot about moving in the 4 heart club!
Alicorn angel Jimenez
Alicorn angel Jimenez 4 kun oldin
Winnie and his horse was was very happy and then something bad happens there's a murderer Ender horse stable he murdered old horses except weenie Winnie was sad he live in the woods forever in one of the spirits haunt them and never remember about him this is the story about Winnie and his horses
Alicorn angel Jimenez
Alicorn angel Jimenez 4 kun oldin
Why not make the story about Winnie the horse taker who been disappeared for long time in the dark woods
ThatDemonSlayerFan 4 kun oldin
Who else remember ep 1 when she quickly wrote beware baby in a way that was the funniest thing I saw
Lily Blackburn
Lily Blackburn 4 kun oldin
what happened to mr boney
Belle Barrett
Belle Barrett 5 kun oldin
《 Cutie Lemon 》
《 Cutie Lemon 》 6 kun oldin
Scott is a demon from the rift
Gianna Garcia
Gianna Garcia 6 kun oldin
You should just leave the old magic carpet as fernando's rug and keep the other one as yours :).
Jessica Mann
Jessica Mann 6 kun oldin
This is amazing how did she build that
Super Apple
Super Apple 7 kun oldin
Why did the chicken cross the road? So it could get away from Joel
《 Alex's Channel 》
《 Alex's Channel 》 7 kun oldin
NEVER EVER hit a skeleton horse! They spawn lots of skeletons!
abby ur fellow mcyt fan.
abby ur fellow mcyt fan. 9 kun oldin
9:36 *scott*
Keara Fuller
Keara Fuller 9 kun oldin
L❤️O❤️V❤️E 😌you☺️
Gachawith • Jade
Gachawith • Jade 10 kun oldin
Normalize Jeremyism :D
Moaaz Hosny
Moaaz Hosny 10 kun oldin
It does make sense 1:42 -1:49
stefan simonyi
stefan simonyi 13 kun oldin
All the bad things from the server come from Jeremyisum that wither SCOTT 💀 💀 💀
Diamond Wolf
Diamond Wolf 13 kun oldin
Um is anyone wondering why she needs THREE wither skeloton heads thats how many you need for a wither... is she...thinking... of spawning... the... wither!? what if SHE spawned the wither back in a few emesodes ago secretly???
Stéphanie Boisvenue
Stéphanie Boisvenue 13 kun oldin
Can you name an animal pet chibi pls
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller 14 kun oldin
Girl you are so 😜 - crazy!
Anne Vistesen
Anne Vistesen 15 kun oldin
Lizzy: this is where all the horerrs in this World has come from
Anne Vistesen
Anne Vistesen 15 kun oldin
That wither and Scott. Me: wtf Scott XD
Sadhana Fernando
Sadhana Fernando 16 kun oldin
My second name is Fernando. But I did not suggest the name.
Kristi Hilger
Kristi Hilger 18 kun oldin
way das joey swod like dama chrerls
Isabella Zhang
Isabella Zhang 18 kun oldin
animls could be named, D.K
Isabella Zhang
Isabella Zhang 18 kun oldin
I.JUST.LOVE.THE.COTTAGE.AND.ANIMALS!!! I mean, for the last episode. Sorry!!
*》_Inky_ Demøn_《*
*》_Inky_ Demøn_《* 18 kun oldin
11:35 me as a german: **dies of laughing**
*》_Inky_ Demøn_《*
*》_Inky_ Demøn_《* 18 kun oldin
I love the stable, it's just perfect♡
Ali Julia Valentine
Ali Julia Valentine 20 kun oldin
Lizzie you used pitch stairs that's why it's bouncy it's meant to be sticky like quick sand BTY I LOVE your vids
• Bonnet •
• Bonnet • 21 kun oldin
Oo I have a name soul fart and maly
Myra-Lee Levin
Myra-Lee Levin 21 kun oldin
Its so funny Lizzy she said dat evry fing dats not funny in in de mincfat like scoote! 😂🤣
Sophie Jones
Sophie Jones 22 kun oldin
when Lizzie said like Scott, Lauren would be so happy that someone has aggred with her that Scott is EVIL!!!
Pauli XD
Pauli XD 22 kun oldin
Samuel Nathanael Chandra
Samuel Nathanael Chandra 22 kun oldin
omg this is horror pls bo not horror
Oceanwxves Nightcore
Oceanwxves Nightcore 23 kun oldin
what happened to ur deck??
Azalea Crawford
Azalea Crawford 23 kun oldin
Joel: *watches this* Joel: UNPROTECTED CHICKENS HERE I COME!!! Lizzie: Oh god what have I created
rainyapple 23 kun oldin
Alyssa the Person
Alyssa the Person 24 kun oldin
KATHERINE AT STABLES* LIZZIE while saying all bad stuff^SCOTT^
Gracie Fawcett
Gracie Fawcett 24 kun oldin
Victoria McCloskey Coates
Victoria McCloskey Coates 24 kun oldin
I loved the horse stable- it was very realistic. It looked like the stable ThisEsme keeps her horses in but slightly different
NaoKomiiiシ 26 kun oldin
I’m obsessed with your channel now-
Shaun van Wyk
Shaun van Wyk 26 kun oldin
Hi my name is Kira and I wanted to know what is xlive is it a server or a mod
{Crossant Queen}
{Crossant Queen} 26 kun oldin
Is it sad that I'm a little scared of chickens because I was chased my some at a zoo once
Aria Jones
Aria Jones 27 kun oldin
name one of the horses brains
John Robinson
John Robinson 27 kun oldin
how do you be a shadow codet?
Laura llyn
Laura llyn 28 kun oldin
i am a proud shadowcadet yes ma am!
MoonlightPlaysYT 28 kun oldin
It’s like an abandoned stable!
Olteanu Ioan Mircea
Olteanu Ioan Mircea 28 kun oldin
Lizzy do you want to learn german you already know butterfly so here sone oter words :) im saying 5 words slide, rutsche horse, pferd grape, trauben pig, schwein and flower, blume exra a bit funny name, name
queenk00l06 29 kun oldin
how about a name Vor
Kerry Dudina
Kerry Dudina 29 kun oldin
I wouldn't want to fall down the thair
izzah babur
izzah babur 29 kun oldin
Why did i just got this notification now im so confused 😂😂😂
Thunder Wolf
Thunder Wolf Oy oldin
They all are so cute and the sarbols are crppy in a good way!!!
Lewis Lew
Lewis Lew Oy oldin
Can you make another episode search about searching pandas also name it mr bamboo and
Michael Bialous
Michael Bialous Oy oldin
If you get a pet please call it blue moon it will make me for a happy if you do.💖🦊
Angelika Eneas
Angelika Eneas Oy oldin
Plzz posteed more like this
Doctor Lite
Doctor Lite Oy oldin
Has Anyone noticed the house roof is uneven.
- LDShadowCutie -
- LDShadowCutie - Oy oldin
“Scott,all from this hole.” W H E Z Z E
strawberry lemons
strawberry lemons Oy oldin
Pretty sure that ur stable was starwood stables but then everything went wrong it started of as a small tear but got larger as it grew more bad things happed the first big sign was the baby nosie but the FInalla straw was the horses turning dead so star wood stables had to relocate OH MY I MADE A CONSPIRACY THEROY
Sudha Sulibhavi
Sudha Sulibhavi Oy oldin
For ur cats it will be purranormal cativity😂😂
Vintage 49
Vintage 49 Oy oldin
I can’t work out if u came up with this genius idea, or u got it from the comment in da last video, but I like it
Lanai J
Lanai J Oy oldin
I hear fnaf music
•Aesthetics Bees Forest•
•Aesthetics Bees Forest• Oy oldin
Joey: hello- Lizzie: bye
IRIS FINK Oy oldin
Lizzie do u have cats? Also u should totally make a cat yard. I’m currently working on getting hearts from all the modern UZpost Queens so...if u like any comments at all PLZ put a heart. I’m not being greedy tho...I’m willing to wait one eternity. U do that a lot
Margaret Cain
Margaret Cain Oy oldin
Lizzy: oh a butterfly! also lizzy: in German a Schmetterling!
Angela lenhert
Angela lenhert Oy oldin
customized my page to your styles because you are the reason i am surviving this hot mess in my life right now ily - 3 -
奶爸教练 Oy oldin
💌I Love you 💕💕💕💗💖💝😘💘
Rebekah Does Everything
Rebekah Does Everything Oy oldin
I'm a Shadow Cadet!
Elsie Williams
Elsie Williams Oy oldin
can you play that game on an nintendo tell me i dont now
{Itz Autumn Town}
{Itz Autumn Town} Oy oldin
The horse stables and the oil lanterns kinda reminded me of the horse stables from Over the Garden wall you know dark academia vibes
Mimi B
Mimi B Oy oldin
I agree the Victorian times were creepy well I think they were creepy I didn’t live then so I don’t know what it was actually like but uhh...I think I should probably stop typing/talking
Abi Jolee
Abi Jolee Oy oldin
You could sell magic carpets at your carpet shop!
karnesha walker
karnesha walker Oy oldin
Eva Lenoir
Eva Lenoir Oy oldin
What's the name of the mod ur using
Destiny Brown
Destiny Brown Oy oldin
It’s hell but I don’t know I do want to tell it’s just I don’t know what is Joel channel so I can’t
Puthitivea Oy oldin
im going to tell joel 🏃
Hi I’m an annoying snitch
• Ava McIntosh •
• Ava McIntosh • Oy oldin
Lizzies aesthetic: cute, kawaii, pink 💕✨ Lizzies builds: spoopy and dark 🖤🤍
{_ Snow GLicH _}
{_ Snow GLicH _} Oy oldin
I love your stables lizzy
genji shimada
genji shimada Oy oldin
are you from germany?, im from germany !
Ngoni Marabada
Ngoni Marabada Oy oldin
Name the other on grand
Anda Brown
Anda Brown Oy oldin
I love joeys laugh
Megan Welsh
Megan Welsh Oy oldin
When I was little I called the acacia wood ackieh ( Ack EE uh) wood lol
The Legendary MonkeyDragon
The Legendary MonkeyDragon Oy oldin
Lizzie: Let’s pick a nice, deep purple for this “rift” Also Lizzie: (Picks the least deep purple ever created)
Kathryn's Vania
Kathryn's Vania Oy oldin
I'm a shadow cadet sooooo why was I not in that no rules server?
Yusuf MERGEN Oy oldin
my foivuret is moon blood
Shark Girl
Shark Girl Oy oldin
Wow its Episode 13 already. Episode 13!!!
Royal Rebels
Royal Rebels Oy oldin
kweenikiwiXgacha Oy oldin
She butterfly in German schschmetterlings Me Schmetterling 😂✨
Holly Parata
Holly Parata Oy oldin
Lizzie: this is where all of the bad things on the server come from. Jeremiasm, that wither I found once over there, Scott.
Fire Girl
Fire Girl Oy oldin
I will not tell Joel
Hey how to get flower breeding mod in android can anyone tell me plzzz😭😭😭
CrazyKid Oy oldin
It was so cute how she said „Schmetterling“!
Erica Mae C. Mallari
Erica Mae C. Mallari Oy oldin
Where'd the goat go? ;-;
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