Magical Mistakes | Ep. 18 | Minecraft X Life SMP

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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Investigations by Kevin MacLeod
The Builder by Kevin MacLeod
Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod
Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod
Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (
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Shalynn Roberts
Shalynn Roberts 25 daqiqa oldin
What is the texture pack name
{•Riloh •}
{•Riloh •} 8 soat oldin
Lizzy: yellows not my color Her house: *has many yellow themed items*
Sabrina Patino
Sabrina Patino 16 soat oldin
I love you and do you still do Minecraft
Febie Grace Allaga
Febie Grace Allaga 2 kun oldin
flamingo alysia
flamingo alysia 2 kun oldin
What is 8 hearts colour?
Aria Hassler
Aria Hassler 3 kun oldin
I was making yellow play dough while watching this 😂
ThosePenguinoz 3 kun oldin
Me who's color is actually yellow: O.O
Brooke Harris
Brooke Harris 3 kun oldin
she knows that she did vice versa with the number of dimends right?
ThatDemonSlayerFan 4 kun oldin
My fav club is the 1 heart club and my least fav 1 is the 6 heart club bc of that 1 dinosaur that has rainbow stuff on it ;=;
lbpmax 5 kun oldin
Lizzie sadley didnt film her taking a photo shoot with donkey jeramy :(
GoldFoxy Jammer
GoldFoxy Jammer 5 kun oldin
There is No such Thing as Too much Flowers !! - Lizzie
Paula Folliard
Paula Folliard 5 kun oldin
Emreles are really reae
Keara Fuller
Keara Fuller 6 kun oldin
Nir Keren
Nir Keren 8 kun oldin
you must make a dragon layer
Nazim Ilahi
Nazim Ilahi 9 kun oldin
Lyla Hanrahan
Lyla Hanrahan 10 kun oldin
Bayan Al Subhi
Bayan Al Subhi 10 kun oldin
You are making the best items in the world 🌍😁
Erin Tucker
Erin Tucker 11 kun oldin
Plz post another video
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 11 kun oldin
Giant adorable purple flowery ponds :)
xunknowx 16 kun oldin
How did you get boba tea mod
Juriz Lauren G. Fornis
Juriz Lauren G. Fornis 17 kun oldin
Me : thinking why are they celebrating christmas Also Me: Oh i watched it on 2021-
chloe grace
chloe grace 19 kun oldin
lizzie; " ive never loved something so much in my LIFE!!!!" Joel: I- Uhm Oh... ok
The Astro gurls!
The Astro gurls! 19 kun oldin
i always wanted to know if milk could fix the curse bc it does for potions but idk for moded potions 🤔
Kaci Lamb
Kaci Lamb 16 kun oldin
Yeah thats what I wanted to know aswell lol
Adelaide Conklin
Adelaide Conklin 20 kun oldin
lizzie:"there's no such thing as to many flowers" lizzie in kingdomcraft(in the flower kingdom): "It's a little much..."
lalirha kumarihami
lalirha kumarihami 22 kun oldin
Bro heller Theo
Bro heller Theo 23 kun oldin
Curtis David
Curtis David 23 kun oldin
I love you so much
Bowdy Leavitt
Bowdy Leavitt 24 kun oldin
no one: Lizzy: *aggressive flower placeing.*
Grace 24 kun oldin
it would be amazing if you built a butterfly sanctuary! Also I think that blueberry would be a cute name for a blue butterfly!
Milky Memes
Milky Memes 25 kun oldin
When are you going to put a new video.
GreenQueen0009 Gamer
GreenQueen0009 Gamer 25 kun oldin
David Laight
David Laight 25 kun oldin
I love your vids
Simply Aesthetics
Simply Aesthetics 26 kun oldin
How to i get X life?
LESLIE SANTIAGO 27 kun oldin
lizzie katherine made a statue of u its in the like lake thing behind ur house i think
Roblox uni Hiya
Roblox uni Hiya 28 kun oldin
Me:Lizzie what do you get ur cute animals from in a pack Lizzie: Me:I spend 900000000 hours whatching ur vids and I know I can’t spell but u need to answer meeeeee
Frances Jessica Nicolette Ayubronal 1742037
Frances Jessica Nicolette Ayubronal 1742037 29 kun oldin
you should build a tree house on the mother tree
Eloy Morales
Eloy Morales 29 kun oldin
Yellow is your color because you have a yellow tree
TrickyAmazing 29 kun oldin
You see the word “mistakes” you know she died...
Faye Young
Faye Young Oy oldin
Hi Alicia episodes and watch nearly all of them and you’re amazing
Shane Gorbutt
Shane Gorbutt Oy oldin
Why can’t you go on crative on mincraft to build a house with a a mod
Alyssia Metz
Alyssia Metz Oy oldin
I Like yellow
Jessica Lesher
Jessica Lesher Oy oldin
I love your videos
AS Oy oldin
Hey Lizzie you should build a castle in your land
Kawa11RandomBl0ss0m Oy oldin
Everyone: worries about getting all nine hearts Lizzie: worries about ugly heart colors
Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones Oy oldin
Angela lenhert
Angela lenhert Oy oldin
lizzie: and you all know, *yellow's not my colour* also lizzie: * makes everything pink with a dash of yellow in it *
sean buckley
sean buckley Oy oldin
You should of drank milk
Laura Cooper Harrelson
Laura Cooper Harrelson Oy oldin
When Lizzie went, “I’ve never loved something so much in my life!” I was like pore Joel
Celine Sabra
Celine Sabra Oy oldin
can you build a animal home for your animals.
Gacha Life Unicorn
Gacha Life Unicorn Oy oldin
Degi Deji
Degi Deji Oy oldin
LIZZY I heart you
Carl Lukeman
Carl Lukeman Oy oldin
Your x life videos are awesome
Carl Lukeman
Carl Lukeman Oy oldin
Please don’t die Lizzie your x life videos I want to log in but I don’t know how
Vick Secret
Vick Secret Oy oldin
Hi LD I love your video,so so so much💜please out up fan art of a panda each a cake
amytheiconic Oy oldin
Anyway. I'm living for the color choice, gives me bi vibes
Merve Demirkara
Merve Demirkara Oy oldin
Love love love love love love your videosssss
Rachael Roberts
Rachael Roberts Oy oldin
And you should build a giant dream Treehouse behind your house with a path and cute flowers
Rachael Roberts
Rachael Roberts Oy oldin
I just got UZpost and I new I watch a lot of your videos on the UZpost kids!
Tracy Ojo
Tracy Ojo Oy oldin
Yellow is my favouret color and dis is not my acaunt of you tube so dond joge my rieding im froom spain but i have my colour brawn
Tracy Ojo
Tracy Ojo Oy oldin
10 años
EmeraldCraft101 Oy oldin
Am I the only one who was yelling for Lizzie to drink milk? Milk removes all potion effects, so she could have lived!!
Aurora Torres
Aurora Torres Oy oldin
You are you
Hazel G
Hazel G Oy oldin
Whos lizzy
Hazel G
Hazel G Oy oldin
Lizzy? Whos that
Living Human Lifeform
Living Human Lifeform Oy oldin
I knew the moment she did that potion with Jack, she’s gonna loose so much hearts. Jack doesn’t care for his life and will kill himself so much
Lilibeth Osiang
Lilibeth Osiang Oy oldin
Vick Secret
Vick Secret Oy oldin
I meant to say IS I'm so sorry💜
Vick Secret
Vick Secret Oy oldin
Please do a big fan art of IS please please please💜💜💜💜💜💜 please
Jazmin xiquec
Jazmin xiquec Oy oldin
Can you make a video about what mods are good for Minecraft version: v1.14.30
kerbear westbury
kerbear westbury Oy oldin
hiii i love your vidssss
LoadingTokyo Oy oldin
What if you drank milk??
Bobo bear
Bobo bear Oy oldin
LDSHADOWLADY! Please notice my comement! I downloaded X life but the lag! How do I fix it?
Emily Gilmore
Emily Gilmore Oy oldin
Lizzie: i never loved something this much before in my life. Me: what about Joel. Joel: my heart is broken ;-;
snapier1024 Oy oldin
Can you build a Cookie Cat?
F Yo Couch
F Yo Couch Oy oldin
a hut bild a hut!
EdwardAbellera Oy oldin
Literally lizzie said: yellow is not my color me: lizzie just put yellow stuffs in here house
Mary Abranyi
Mary Abranyi Oy oldin
Lizzie :yellow isn’t my color also Lizzie :decorates a lot if her house yellow
Sarah Waller
Sarah Waller Oy oldin
EVERYONE: *not likeing emreld * ME: its the rarest thing in the game
Viixxxie Manrique
Viixxxie Manrique Oy oldin
true lol
Florence Riding
Florence Riding Oy oldin
Do her and Joel live in the same house? Cuz I find it funny She messages him on mc whne she could just ask him 🤣🤣
Viixxxie Manrique
Viixxxie Manrique Oy oldin
tbh i agree with u, but if they do live in the same house (chances are 80%) wouldnt it be easier to type in mc than walk into each others room and leaving their pcs
Ben Carr
Ben Carr Oy oldin
You can drink milk to get read of the curse
Kari Games
Kari Games Oy oldin
LD shadow lady: what do you think I should build next? Me: I love cats SO MUCH, maybe you can build a GIANT cat mansion!
Zoe Joseph
Zoe Joseph Oy oldin
Yellow is my favorite color how dear you say such u thing
Amber The Princess
Amber The Princess Oy oldin
Make a flyn horse und a rainbow
Cheese Oy oldin
them: EWWWHW WHY EMERALDS me: but emeralds are the most rarest in the game..
Hannah Bright
Hannah Bright Oy oldin
Lizzie: My new birthing... Joel:Wait. (thinks she’s prego) Lizzie: ...Into 6 hearts
Hollow 288
Hollow 288 Oy oldin
It's mother "tareesa" (:
Nora Combe
Nora Combe 2 oy oldin
Day four of telling Lizzie this until she notices how much I appreciate her: Hi Lizzie!! I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and so many other people (exactly 5.82 million of us). I have watched you since I can’t even remember but you are my favorite UZpostr. It doesn’t matter how upset I am you can always and I mean always make me feel better. When I was a little kid I never had a ton of friends and I got bullied. I would come home and watch one of your videos and I felt so so much better. Thank you for getting me out of some really tough times, you have no idea how much your channel means to me.
Talking Pikachu
Talking Pikachu 2 oy oldin
My Favourite Scene @2:08
Sudha Sulibhavi
Sudha Sulibhavi 2 oy oldin
Bonnie He
Bonnie He 2 oy oldin
Lizzie : OMG i have never love anything this much! Joel: 0v0
Catherine Overman
Catherine Overman 2 oy oldin
Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson 2 oy oldin
She is my Nider
lps luna
lps luna 2 oy oldin
NAW IF I DIE YOU DIE but wut if I die... well I wood die
aliyah fabian
aliyah fabian 2 oy oldin
What if she drank milk?
Julia Sacco
Julia Sacco 2 oy oldin
lizzie slightly aggressively: theres no such thing as flowers. my survival world: i do believe there is
Witch Squad
Witch Squad 2 oy oldin
*puts the cute blocks down* Oh my...I never loved something more then this in my LIFE! Joel: 😭😭😭
Tᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ’s Wɪғᴜ
Tᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ’s Wɪғᴜ 2 oy oldin
“ive never loved something this much before in my life“ Joel: What about meeeee!!!?? **sad noises** 9:57
Damond Swan
Damond Swan 2 oy oldin
Me finishes watching this video Me about to click the next X Life video Me sees the video below it X Life episode 45 Me 👁👄👁 H o w
William Dong
William Dong 2 oy oldin
dying 2 times in one episode.. sad :
William Dong
William Dong 2 oy oldin
almost 3 times
Ava Rogers
Ava Rogers 2 oy oldin
Lizzie: (To carpet) I have never loved anything this much in my life!!!! Joel, her husband: Oh.....okay. Fine.
ketiluna roblox
ketiluna roblox 2 oy oldin
Mod name?
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