Home Makeover Secrets | Ep. 7 | Minecraft X Life SMP

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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fWhip - uzpost.info
Jacksucks - uzpost.info
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KatherineElizabeth - uzpost.info
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Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Francine 9 oy oldin
No one: Server: Item Entities Removed
B Martyn
B Martyn 3 kun oldin
I don't understand what u mean 😖😖
Munaza Muneeb
Munaza Muneeb 8 kun oldin
Just saying thank you idiot i’m sorry I’m your biggest fan😦
•ʜᴀɪʟᴇʏʏᴢ• 18 kun oldin
No one: Scott (at least I think!): Erm did I say you could use my villagers
Nikki Bradstock
Nikki Bradstock 21 kun oldin
I love your vids and named one pandorya and poo and pora and pandya pandy moo moc
Maleeah Turner
Maleeah Turner 24 kun oldin
Lol you soo so right
Urangoo Tulga
Urangoo Tulga 4 soat oldin
Can you add a tv mod in minecraft?
Who els was surprised that Lizzy didn’t do a bunk bed
Nnana Jongweni
Nnana Jongweni 13 soat oldin
Colinne Ek
Colinne Ek 15 soat oldin
can you make a candy house with cakes and pies
Colinne Ek
Colinne Ek 15 soat oldin
can you name a panda cookie
candyy. aesthetic
candyy. aesthetic 17 soat oldin
Lizzie: you are gonna see this house for the last time Me who is rewatching this serie for fifth time
Madap Kulengni
Madap Kulengni 21 soat oldin
At the slowed mode me: *dies of laughter*
Lauren Holford
Lauren Holford Kun oldin
u have 2 hearts now
Giulia O'Keefe
Giulia O'Keefe Kun oldin
My least favourite colour is pink i just really like these video’s
Rileygaxha 2 kun oldin
hey lizzie! can u pls tell me what kind of minecraft u play pls?
Rileygaxha 2 kun oldin
Rileygaxha 2 kun oldin
i am a bigg fannn!!!
Sophie De Anda
Sophie De Anda 2 kun oldin
For one of your pets can you name them bun bun
•gothy_galaxy• Mochi
•gothy_galaxy• Mochi 2 kun oldin
That captain amarica be like though (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
Sharron Gibson
Sharron Gibson 2 kun oldin
Alternative name:I made two game refrences in this video
Bubbles Delotavo
Bubbles Delotavo 3 kun oldin
Advice:You realized that when you make a chimney for your house your house doesn’t set on fire 🔥 Your welcome my friend..!🤗🤗😂
Jonathan Fesser
Jonathan Fesser 3 kun oldin
like it I LOVE IT!!!
Anna Vrabie
Anna Vrabie 3 kun oldin
lizzie:hope you guys enjoyed this video me:of course we like your videos your amazing and I want you to be my mom
Kenzie 3 kun oldin
I want you to get a blue pet and then name it stitch!!!!!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗
Evil Elmo0__0
Evil Elmo0__0 3 kun oldin
Your so close to 6 Mill
Gina Samonteza
Gina Samonteza 3 kun oldin
wandering stars
wandering stars 4 kun oldin
4:07"did I say u could use my villagers?"
Laura White
Laura White 4 kun oldin
She’s changed- “ it’s so pink” SHE USED TO BE OBSESSED WITH PINK
Tasha Whitlock
Tasha Whitlock 4 kun oldin
Princess Gaming Puppy
Princess Gaming Puppy 4 kun oldin
How do you Lizzie when are you gonna post a video
UnicornSwirlHeartC CKVD
UnicornSwirlHeartC CKVD 4 kun oldin
i have like a square house- your house is better than mines ;-;
- Hot Mocha -
- Hot Mocha - 4 kun oldin
Me watching this really late: Me also staying up to the middle of the night to watch all of your videos
Lottie Griffiths
Lottie Griffiths 5 kun oldin
Lizzie what is your mod name
marie chavez
marie chavez 5 kun oldin
when she said “we can go home” she sounded exactly like peggy in age of ultron
Kataley Sablan
Kataley Sablan 5 kun oldin
You should name your Panda that you like or lemur
Baby Bob Official chanell
Baby Bob Official chanell 5 kun oldin
i think joel do the your cows cow jeremy and jeremy
Baby Bob Official chanell
Baby Bob Official chanell 5 kun oldin
And make the inside the cute book shelves
ROBERT DUARIO 5 kun oldin
what did mods did you add
Kiara Temblor
Kiara Temblor 6 kun oldin
Why did you destroy the house it was cute 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Tracey Burns
Tracey Burns 6 kun oldin
I HAVE A SECRET LIZZIE Hi lizzie your the one who gave me building ideas and challenges I have been watching you for I think 4 years ily 🍬
Kai Finley
Kai Finley 6 kun oldin
When she opened "dirt" I literally cracked up 0:42
Kaity8 6 kun oldin
I love your new house LD shadow lady
Tiffany Lobzun
Tiffany Lobzun 6 kun oldin
Please put hearts on the walls
Tiffany Lobzun
Tiffany Lobzun 6 kun oldin
it is UGLY
Lion let it rain
Lion let it rain 6 kun oldin
I love your videos Lizzy 😄😄😄😄💜💜💜💜
Lion let it rain
Lion let it rain 6 kun oldin
😉 x LIFE Love game 🎮you have pc woo my brother has to my other brother doesn't like your videos 😔😔 but I like your videos ♥❤your videos 🐵🐶🐺🦊🦝🐱🦁🐯🐴🦄🐮🐷🐗🐽🐭🦏🐹🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇
Lion let it rain
Lion let it rain 6 kun oldin
Tiny Richland
Tiny Richland 6 kun oldin
Lizzie: *makes secret room* The window: 👁👄👁
kate kearney
kate kearney 6 kun oldin
I'm the only person who likes of shadow lady
Janahjay Dela cruz
Janahjay Dela cruz 6 kun oldin
I love if you say "Fernando~~" 😂
Jacqueline Crowhurst
Jacqueline Crowhurst 7 kun oldin
Lizzie are all your pandas named
Arnee Caguioa
Arnee Caguioa 8 kun oldin
ooomg katherine gaming and you are in the same game mod b-but how about me i dont have any gadget i really want that game and mod iam so envy
Yhumicorn The Lioness
Yhumicorn The Lioness 8 kun oldin
Rylee Reich
Rylee Reich 8 kun oldin
Except for torches
Xianna Fonseca
Xianna Fonseca 8 kun oldin
mai name is xianna
Tanshy Jisty
Tanshy Jisty 8 kun oldin
Do a little more work on your house
Farwa kawaii gamer
Farwa kawaii gamer 8 kun oldin
Hi i am a fan
Zain Boucaud
Zain Boucaud 9 kun oldin
Who else has been watching Lizzie since they were 5
Keara Fuller
Keara Fuller 10 kun oldin
All of Lizzie’s biggest fans know that Joel in the kingdomcraft series had Cat Jeremy and Dog Jeremy I think so, that cow’s name was all Joel.
Keara Fuller
Keara Fuller 10 kun oldin
Momma M
Momma M 10 kun oldin
There is a spot that she doesn’t put the white bookshelf...
Louisa Spalding
Louisa Spalding 10 kun oldin
You could name a panda JJ
Debalina Roy
Debalina Roy 11 kun oldin
Lazy well maybe some fauna
dplaysgames 11 kun oldin
6:46 i dont think heading to sea is a good idea but i guess we'll sea?
Dxughnut Sprxnkles
Dxughnut Sprxnkles 11 kun oldin
1:40 the music ik this vid was made a long time ago bit whatever but anyway the music THE MUSIC
Dragon Girl
Dragon Girl 11 kun oldin
Everything you build you add Fairy lights lol
Ema N
Ema N 11 kun oldin
Your basement looks cute
Sarah Rafferty
Sarah Rafferty 11 kun oldin
Lilly for a other panda
Crystal Essex
Crystal Essex 12 kun oldin
I want that house!!!!!!
Ilana-Marie Mouser
Ilana-Marie Mouser 13 kun oldin
LDShadowLady Can I Play X Life With Youz?
Clueless Cloud!
Clueless Cloud! 13 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure it's "Jie Jie" I am chinese after all. unless you were saying japanese or korean? Sorry, Btw love your Videos Lizzy! Hope you start posting again!
[] ItsMeLemyLemon []
[] ItsMeLemyLemon [] 13 kun oldin
Um Gurl People Can See You Secret Library Because Of That Window-
Ylva Aaland
Ylva Aaland 14 kun oldin
Eevee that evolves to a sylveon
Abigail Rebel Lelyemin
Abigail Rebel Lelyemin 14 kun oldin
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iwattujoyenyu
•Cherri• 14 kun oldin
omg the froggy chair in the thumbnail 🥺💖💖
Mike Katz
Mike Katz 14 kun oldin
one brooklynn
ReNa AgustiNa
ReNa AgustiNa 14 kun oldin
OMG the house looks so cool
GalaxyDragon Queen
GalaxyDragon Queen 14 kun oldin
Lizzie: «Ahhh a crocodile!!!!» Me: « awwwwe a bebe croc!»
Kiu W
Kiu W 15 kun oldin
Lizzie: * making plaid for her kitchen floor * *mines the floor* oh I forgot about my basement I thought that was a cave
Kiu W
Kiu W 15 kun oldin
Lizzie: it looks like Captain America is shield if he took a turn to the kawaii side
Shanelle Glodoski
Shanelle Glodoski 15 kun oldin
Way do you have blue heart's?💙
Rosa Vissers
Rosa Vissers 15 kun oldin
Lizzy: “try to look at it as a pokemon” Me: “what is a pokemon?”
Rosa Vissers
Rosa Vissers 15 kun oldin
Lizzy: “your never gonna see it ever again!” Me: “just watch the other episodes to see it again...”
A.J A.J 15 kun oldin
This . was. so. amazing.! And i learned how o decorate from you 😎
• User Unrecognized •
• User Unrecognized • 16 kun oldin
Could you name one of the Pandas Qiling (pronounced Che-ling)? I think it would be very cute
Carron Feris
Carron Feris 16 kun oldin
NAME ONE pan~panchu
Ananya Parshotam
Ananya Parshotam 16 kun oldin
You have good taste in designing
liz king
liz king 17 kun oldin
lizzie you could've kept that old house as a storage house or barn!
padmaja jayanthi
padmaja jayanthi 17 kun oldin
What is the games name your playing
Rylee sullivan
Rylee sullivan 17 kun oldin
7:38 had me dying "wOaH"
Rylee sullivan
Rylee sullivan 17 kun oldin
I mean 7:40
Rylee sullivan
Rylee sullivan 17 kun oldin
Lizzie: talking realizes music Lizzie: aah crocodile
Jeanna Peterson
Jeanna Peterson 17 kun oldin
you will crs jack
Paige Thompson
Paige Thompson 17 kun oldin
sunflowers always face the east because thats were sun comes up
Archana Giri
Archana Giri 17 kun oldin
No episode plsssssssssssss
Unreal Th3K!D
Unreal Th3K!D 18 kun oldin
LdShadowLady : Wait how many of these COWS are called JEREMY
Unreal Th3K!D
Unreal Th3K!D 18 kun oldin
LdShadowLady : think of this as a Pokémon evolving into something much stronger Background Music : dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuun
•ʜᴀɪʟᴇʏʏᴢ• 18 kun oldin
Alternative title: the day I met Fernando
The sisters Family
The sisters Family 19 kun oldin
What mod do u use? Please bc I realy want to by it with my minecoins please
Joanah 19 kun oldin
Ew 😝😝
Isabella Zhang
Isabella Zhang 19 kun oldin
Name a panda(a leftover) Pumpkin. or Tea, or Mochi, or Coffee, OR Reptile.
Lucy Fan
Lucy Fan 19 kun oldin
I am 6 years old and....... I have a brother my brother is 14 years old
Lucy Fan
Lucy Fan 19 kun oldin
I was born win my brother is 7 years old
Els Vos
Els Vos 19 kun oldin
Can you tell us how to get X life
Kay Kings
Kay Kings 19 kun oldin
Omgggg when did she get two hearts
Peerada Saksiriwatekul
Peerada Saksiriwatekul 19 kun oldin
I’m going to name this Pokémon housy.
banhannah 19 kun oldin
this should be my new motto "you`re meant to be ashamed of your basement
Hello darkness My old friend
Hello darkness My old friend 20 kun oldin
What texture pack and mods are you using? I love your videos so much and your world is incredible 😊😊
tqrbunnie 20 kun oldin
My dog's name is brownie too
Xiaomeng Shen
Xiaomeng Shen 20 kun oldin
you're meant to be ashamed of your basement! me who got mine with wooden planks and white concrete as the walls and cute bookshelfs instead of dirty gray floors and metal walls in real life: 👁👄👁👍
Aphmau Was BANNED From Minecraft!
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