A CURSE Upon You | Ep. 17 | Minecraft X Life SMP

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X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
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seohyun wang
seohyun wang 6 oy oldin
i'm an amazing, evil witch muhahah!! - lizzie literally 2 seconds later: flies into a tree and realizes she's going to die in a couple days- 🖤
Keri Lafave
Keri Lafave Kun oldin
Shiela Marie Tañola
Shiela Marie Tañola 16 kun oldin
Emma Plays
Emma Plays 18 kun oldin
Hehehe 😈
Poppy-Grace Beacham
Poppy-Grace Beacham 21 kun oldin
Maisa Hoque
Maisa Hoque 2 oy oldin
Francisca Deras
Francisca Deras 4 soat oldin
Jacqueline Nett
Jacqueline Nett 7 soat oldin
Willow wolf Like if you know what I mean
Zoey Bain
Zoey Bain 12 soat oldin
My witch cat: Meow. Me: Simon I know your a dark black curse cat but you can’t use your magic. Lizzie: Hello.* looks at Simon * Is that your familiar? Simon: Hiss! * use his wither affect on Lizzie.* Me: He doesn’t like other witches.
Nibano VSwuro
Nibano VSwuro 22 soat oldin
Your the best !!!!❤️❤️
Josh Adventureplazes
Josh Adventureplazes Kun oldin
Lizzie please upload
Galactic Cat
Galactic Cat Kun oldin
Lizzie: ah the witching hour is upon us! *flys away and cackles* 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Keri Lafave
Keri Lafave Kun oldin
i love scott,s wolf im a wolf lover
Keri Lafave
Keri Lafave Kun oldin
harry potter!sorry just vibs
Febie Grace Allaga
Febie Grace Allaga 2 kun oldin
You do know you can drink milk right?
Jc Chase
Jc Chase 2 kun oldin
Keara Fuller
Keara Fuller 8 kun oldin
H&L Gaming
H&L Gaming 8 kun oldin
Which kawaii world are you playing
H&L Gaming
H&L Gaming 8 kun oldin
You're my favourite UZpostr
Kimberley Chia
Kimberley Chia 10 kun oldin
joey: goodbye, corrupted witch! i actually laughed at that
Cassie Salstrand
Cassie Salstrand 12 kun oldin
Cassie Salstrand
Cassie Salstrand 12 kun oldin
I love the ones
Stéphanie Boisvenue
Stéphanie Boisvenue 13 kun oldin
Can you Name one of your pets chibi pls I'm a big fan
Annabelle Viteka
Annabelle Viteka 14 kun oldin
Lizzie:if he dies i will die to Me:WhY WoUlD YoU Do ThAt
Rita Woźniak
Rita Woźniak 14 kun oldin
Could you please give this texture pak as i would like to use it?
Carron Feris
Carron Feris 16 kun oldin
sooooo kawii~~~
ReNa AgustiNa
ReNa AgustiNa 16 kun oldin
I have a snake named jacks
Justine Come
Justine Come 16 kun oldin
That was probably the most polite cursing ever
Prisha Vashistha
Prisha Vashistha 16 kun oldin
Is this the last episode?🥺🥺🥺🥺😨😨😢
Emma Plays
Emma Plays 18 kun oldin
Lizzie hehe. Which Lizzie mwhahahaha.
Shaikh Eskander
Shaikh Eskander 18 kun oldin
Your a true evil witch!👹😜
April Hortman
April Hortman 20 kun oldin
It is funny when you get scared so you should play more horror games
Eva Heffernan
Eva Heffernan 20 kun oldin
Christopher Alberts
Christopher Alberts 21 kun oldin
Jason Warburton
Jason Warburton 22 kun oldin
Jason Warburton
Jason Warburton 22 kun oldin
HawtDoggoYetImCoolAsHeck Yup
HawtDoggoYetImCoolAsHeck Yup 24 kun oldin
I think you need like 13 people to be a full coven
GreenQueen0009 Gamer
GreenQueen0009 Gamer 25 kun oldin
Jack: posts about where he hid the frog Prince Lizzie: There was one flaw in his plans, he posted it in a video Also Lizzie: posts the co ordinates of her base in KingdomCraft
Simply Aesthetics
Simply Aesthetics 26 kun oldin
Hi! So i was watching last episode and when you were building ur headquarters and you were trying to place a ender pearl, Well maybe you could place it if you got a glass picture frame and put to ender pearl in the picture frame, I know your series with this is probably over but i just wanted to say that!
Roblox uni Hiya
Roblox uni Hiya 28 kun oldin
Hi I know I’m using ur time but what is the animal pack u use to get such good animals
Amanda Davis
Amanda Davis Oy oldin
Build a animal palace and get adorable animals
Avocado Lover
Avocado Lover Oy oldin
jasmine western
jasmine western Oy oldin
I must post it everywhere
jasmine western
jasmine western Oy oldin
I took a picture of Jack
Mike Reed
Mike Reed Oy oldin
Lizzie is your real name Lizzie?
FelicityChan 22 kun oldin
Her name is elizabeth
Jessica Vaughan
Jessica Vaughan Oy oldin
I knew it was going to be scott! I knew he would become a witch\wizard :D
Starry Oy oldin
“I don’t even have a magic wand!” Also Lizzie:Literally has a wand that can change it to night/day
Alexa Nareswari
Alexa Nareswari Oy oldin
Lizze no
renilet barmillo
renilet barmillo Oy oldin
I love how ld shadow lady
Arazel _magic
Arazel _magic Oy oldin
All witch’s! Shelby:orange witch Gemini:cute elf witch Scott:grass witch Joey:supreme witch Katherine:dirt witch Lizzie:EVIL CORRUPTED WITCH
Arazel _magic
Arazel _magic Oy oldin
Shelby:orange witch Gemini:cute elf witch Joey:supreme witch Scott:grass witch Lizzie:evil CORRUPTED WITCH Like if that is true
jkkkjjygdeghgff hgddujgtry
jkkkjjygdeghgff hgddujgtry Oy oldin
My dogs name is Willow😃
Maya Gundogan
Maya Gundogan Oy oldin
10:10 "I've made a terrible mistake"
Alannah haro haro munoz
Alannah haro haro munoz Oy oldin
Who did you get that game it looks so cool
Alyssa Mcclean
Alyssa Mcclean Oy oldin
5:25 oh Joey ...
Zebulon Forchion
Zebulon Forchion Oy oldin
I wish I could play on X life it’s just so beautiful
Lisa Marsh
Lisa Marsh Oy oldin
Hey Lizzie, I haven’t been watching you lately, but I’ve been watching Katherine so it’s good to see ya.
Triste Paleta
Triste Paleta Oy oldin
from the last ep you should of put the ender pearl in a glass picture frame
Michelle Kelly
Michelle Kelly Oy oldin
Lizzy: AH HAHAHAHAHAHA Everyone :*laughs* (I think) Joey: good bye corrupted witch Me: lol Also me: I think I’m more corrupt definitely
Miguel Pimentel
Miguel Pimentel Oy oldin
I'm a Bob cat
• Ava McIntosh •
• Ava McIntosh • Oy oldin
I’m dying of laughter right now- I thought that the picture of Joel in his Jeremyism robes was fanart of Lizzie and Joel on their wedding day
lollypop poop
lollypop poop Oy oldin
nagina shaheen
nagina shaheen Oy oldin
Lizzie is the best minecrafter ever
Jennifer Graves
Jennifer Graves Oy oldin
Shtrudlik Oy oldin
Luis Penn
Luis Penn Oy oldin
Manisca Burger
Manisca Burger Oy oldin
• MɪʟᴋʏBᴏᴏ •
• MɪʟᴋʏBᴏᴏ • Oy oldin
Jazmin xiquec
Jazmin xiquec Oy oldin
Can you make a video about what mods are good for Minecraft version: v1.14.30
Sosenna Frank
Sosenna Frank Oy oldin
how are they just fucking around with witchcraft?
Marnieplays roblox
Marnieplays roblox Oy oldin
Please get a cat named olive or a dog named Blobby
Victoria Cooperson
Victoria Cooperson Oy oldin
Olivia Liu
Olivia Liu Oy oldin
And also I love you how you make a dramatic leaving with the witch and the laugh was so funny
dorothé brien gariepy
dorothé brien gariepy Oy oldin
what texure pack did you use for the wand beacause i really whants it
Sherfield Parker
Sherfield Parker Oy oldin
Like when i saw moon-paw in my mind he was like :bruh im hungry Give ME FOOD
Sexy Stickman
Sexy Stickman Oy oldin
I was drinking sprite and then I saw my belly I was like o.O am I getting thicc
Catherine Fyfe
Catherine Fyfe Oy oldin
Lizzie before:🥰🦄🧸💅🧁🧼 Lizzie now:😈🧙🏻‍♀️🧹💀💣🖤💥
Sarah Waller
Sarah Waller Oy oldin
shelby was tthe name of my stepsis but i dont see her any more
Ella Playing roblox
Ella Playing roblox Oy oldin
Mark Funes
Mark Funes Oy oldin
u look lovey
Colin Henry
Colin Henry Oy oldin
Bro heller Theo
Bro heller Theo Oy oldin
Bro heller Theo
Bro heller Theo Oy oldin
Hi I am new
Bro heller Theo
Bro heller Theo 23 kun oldin
Ruby Chambers
Ruby Chambers Oy oldin
little did she know she would massively regret this
? [Black_hole] ?
? [Black_hole] ? Oy oldin
Omg as soon as you played the clip of jack kidnapping the frog prince a car alarm went off at my home across the road- I’m scared...
Jashantae Simpson
Jashantae Simpson 2 oy oldin
It that laugh for me😂😂😂
Nora Combe
Nora Combe 2 oy oldin
Day two of telling Lizzie this until she notices how much I appreciate her: Hi Lizzie!! I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me and so many other people (exactly 5.82 million of us). I have watched you since I can’t even remember but you are my favorite UZpostr. It doesn’t matter how upset I am you can always and I mean always make me feel better. When I was a little kid I never had a ton of friends and I got bullied. I would come home and watch one of your videos and I felt so so much better. Thank you for getting me out of some really tough times, you have no idea how much your channel means to me.
Leah caught in 4k
Leah caught in 4k 2 oy oldin
woah that fanart inspired me too i want to draw one like it:D
Denise M. WGF
Denise M. WGF 2 oy oldin
What's call mod minecraft 😭💜
Victoria Finlay
Victoria Finlay 2 oy oldin
The potion only lasted 20 secs
hinata 2 oy oldin
What mood is it?
Kennedy King
Kennedy King 2 oy oldin
Hello ldshadow lady I wanted to ask how much damage your new 🪄 dose if you can fit that in One of your videos
Chatrin Sinsuwan
Chatrin Sinsuwan 2 oy oldin
Shadowlady: I don’t have a magic wand! Me: (looks at the stick that can literally change time)
Elise ZHENG 2 oy oldin
Be half way through the video:😁 Also me accidentally exited out:🙃😃😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Rachel Lockett-Duffield
Rachel Lockett-Duffield 2 oy oldin
Lizzie;ah the witch hour is apon us Also Lizzie;hahaha haha Me;whizes
鹿卿 2 oy oldin
lets just hope no witches come in and see jeremyism on her wall (im so late to say my joke oof)
Jo-jo Justus
Jo-jo Justus 2 oy oldin
Nice witch laugh LOL
Renee Arsenault
Renee Arsenault 2 oy oldin
Name a dog cand💕
Katerina L
Katerina L 2 oy oldin
You’ve made a terrible mistake lizzy. Terrible.
k.allen 2 oy oldin
Forgetting the texture pack was amazing
Eva ODonnell
Eva ODonnell 2 oy oldin
You forgot there was a leather shop :D
jim bo
jim bo 2 oy oldin
6:23 made me laugh so hard 😭 when she said that the customers are all angrily waiting idk why I laugh lol. I love her so much and she’s a silly yt :3
Audrey S-G
Audrey S-G 2 oy oldin
Luv the intro
RandomAmy 2 oy oldin
The video that’s inflicted so much pain to lizzies lives
Syd Crols
Syd Crols 2 oy oldin
hi! how can i join these x life servers or another minecraft server like this for free?? xo
Pankaj Tyagi
Pankaj Tyagi 2 oy oldin
Unlike, every youtuber, Lizzie doesn’t tell everyone they have to subscribe to the channel That’s what made be subscribe
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